Curtain/Window Cleaning


For homeowners or offices that do their own routine cleaning but are unable to detail the more difficult areas such as high windows and curtains, Vertic Cleaning Company is able to provide specialised cleaning services to assist.



Curtain Cleaning

Just like carpets, curtains add visual and design to a home. However they are also a hot spot for germs, dust, bacteria and viruses. They trap dust and cause bad air quality in the house. It is recommended that curtains are cleaned every 3 months. We clean curtains using a 2-step process. The curtains are first vacuumed to ensure that all the dust is gone from the curtains. We follow up with a steam cleaning process. Our steam cleaning machine sprays an ultra fine steam of 165 degrees celsius at a pressure of 6 bar. This strong steam kills all bacteria and viruses, ensuring a cleaner and healthier home. A cleaner and healthier home will be especially important to those with weaker immune systems or are allergic to dust.

Window Cleaning

Glass windows may seem easy to clean, but they are a whole lot of mess to clean if you are not familiar with the correct cleaning procedure. Let’s not forget that windows are usually high up and it can be dangerous for untrained personnel to be cleaning them. Glass requires special tools, skills and chemical to clean. The ordinary person using normal cloth will only leave ugly water marks, strands of cloth fiber and even finger prints on the glass. Vertic Cleaning Company only employs well trained cleaners that are familiar with glass cleaning. We make sure that your windows and glass are effectively cleaned in the shortest possible time.


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