Carpet Installation

Carpet Installation

Vertic Company also provides professional installation of carpet tiles. From simple and clean single colour carpet tile design to luxurious, complicated multi-coloured carpet tiles, we import our carpets from countries such as Taiwan, Korea and Malaysia. Our staff are well trained with many years of experience in carpet installation. We have been installing carpet for over 8 years and having done over a thousand different installation. Our customer satisfaction is a testament to our quality and success. Free onsite quotation. We guarantee the lowest price in the market with the best quality carpet tiles. For any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone immediately! Our hotlines operate 24 hours and we promise a reply within 24 hours.

What are carpet tiles?

Carpet tiles, also known as square carpet or modular carpets, are squares of carpet cut which can be fitted together to make up a complete carpet to fit a room or a complete office. Carpet tiles are generally available in dimensions of 50cm x 50cm.

Carpet tiles are also available in other shapes and sizes such as hexagon, triangles and long tile rectangular shape. However, this does increase the complexity and cost. Carpet tiles are usually the number one flooring choice for commercial environment such as office, bars and restaurants due to its lower cost and relatively easy maintenance.

Carpet tiles can also be used as an alternative to roll carpet, where the entire carpet is a one piece carpet from wall to wall. Carpet tile offers easy installation and maintanence. Its longevity and similar qualities as the roll carpet can create a healthy and comfortable indoor environment.

There are four major advantages to choosing carpet tiles:

1. Carpet tiles save time and money

Due to its compact size, carpet tiles are much easier to carry, move and install. Carpet tiles also require less cutting during its installation, particularly in areas with many obstacles such as walls, pillars and odd angles. Ease of installation with less wastage it the reason why carpet tiles are usually cheaper and requires less time to install compared to other kinds of carpet or flooring. Carpet tiles are also easier and cheaper to clean as compared to other kinds of flooring.

2. Carpet tiles are easy to remove and replace

Carpet tiles are not only installed easily, but they are also easy to replace in the event that wear or damage occur. The carpet tiles can be readily replaced individually rather than replacing the entire floor.

Other types of flooring such as cement tiles, vinyl tiles and carpet roll are significantly harder to repair if any damage occurs. It is also harder to procure a matching segment of roll carpets that will match the old carpet.

Another maintanance advantage that carpet tiles have over other type of flooring is the fact that the tiles can be easily lifted when there is a need to access the bare flooring underneath the carpet. This means that technicians can easily gain access to the underfloor so that they may do any maintanence required for electrical wires and cables.

3. Carpet tiles allow variety of designs

With modern new dyes and technologies, it is now possible to create many different colours and patterns on carpet tiles. This allows greater design flexibility as compared to other kinds of flooring.

Carpet tiles can also be laid in different methods, directions, designs and even colours to create unique carpet environment that is limited only by the designer’s imagination. From simple single colour carpet tile design all the way to complicated multi-coloured carpet tile design, anything is possible with carpet tiles.

4. Ambient advantages of carpet tiles

Carpet tiles can offer comfort and warmth to the human feet in an office or home environment. Its sound proofing qualities are something that one should consider when privacy is required in certain parts of an office or a room.

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