Carpet Cleaning



Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is important as most office and homeowner use carpet as their main flooring. They offer excellent floor protection in addition to providing warmth and comfort to the feet as compared to other materials. The other appealing feature of floor carpets is the amazing contrast of colors and design it can add to an ordinary work or living space.

Just like any other furniture in your home and office, it is essential that the carpet is cleaned regularly even if it looks spotless. In truth, most carpets provide a breeding ground for all sorts of nefarious little creatures. This is true regardless of location. Both residential and commercial carpets are at risk.

Overtime, the amount of dirt that gets tracked into your office and homes. It will settle into the depths of your carpet and can well outweigh the carpet itself. The average carpet holds 4 times its weight in the dirt! Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Research has also shown that dirty carpet in an office can cause indoor air quality to be up to ten times worse than outdoor air. A dirty carpet absorbs an array of contaminants such as dust and dirt, every step on the dirty carpet sends invisible clouds of nasty into the air. Dirtier carpet means dirtier air.

It is also no wonder that a dirty carpet can hold up to 200,000 bacterias per square inch, that’s 4,000 times more than your toilet. All the dirt, dust, spilled beverage and food crumps on the carpet create a hot zone to harbor bacteria, germs and viruses. These are the things that will cause people around you to fall sick.

It is recommended that carpets are cleaned at least once every 4 months so that you may have a germ, bacteria and virus free environment. That translates to a healthier workforce. Visually appealing carpets also help to boost motivation, productivity and moral among the workforce. A clean carpet is also a good representation of a company and can often bring in more business.

Vertic Cleaning Company employs only highly trained personel and uses the latest machinery in carpet cleaning.  Carpet cleaning used to be time consuming and tedious. It also has a drying time of up to 2 days. Our latest skills and technology, Rotowash cleans the carpet to a spotless state in the shortest time possible. It has a drying time of only 2 hours.

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