After Renovation

After Renovation

It is an exciting event to be moving into your new home. This is especially true for new homeowners who have waited anxiously to move into their new home after renovation.  However a commonly overlooked chore is the thorough clean up that is needed after a renovation.

Your contractor may have done a general cleaning of your home after the renovation, but let’s be honest here, they may remove any obvious stains, but they will most certainly not clean up the huge amount of hidden dust and dirt that comes with the renovation. Excess dust is harmful to your health and general well-being, especially for individuals allergic to dust. Whether you have undertaken a full house renovation or a partial one, it is inevitable that a huge amount of dust and dirt will be there. Therefore, a thorough after renovation cleaning is an absolute necessity. Vertic Cleaning Company only sends well trained cleaners to clean your new home so that the process of cleaning can be done effectively in the shortest amount of time. We want to help new homeowners settle into their new homes as soon as possible.

Post renovation cleaning of your premises is different from a routine cleaning session. A top to down approach is needed here; starting from cleaning the ceiling, followed by the items along the way down to the floor.

The following is a standard list of items/areas we cover. However, tailor-made cleaning programs can be designed to suit your requirements

Rooms, corridors and workspaces
  • Clean windows and grilles, interior only
  • Clean doors and gates
  • Dust and wipe down all surfaces
  • Sweep and mop balcony (if any)
  • Vacuum and mop all floor areas
  • Clean exterior of installed wardrobes and closets
  • Clean fans (if any) and any exterior light fittings
  • Clean glass surfaces including mirrors, doors, etc


Kitchen & pantries
  • Clean kitchen/pantry wall tiles and backsplash
  • Clean exterior and interior of cabinets (if empty)
  • Clean kitchen/pantry area including stove & hob, sink, countertops & fittings
  • Wash and disinfect kitchen/pantry sink and basin


Toilets and bathrooms
  • Clean bathroom/toilet wall tiles
  • Clean and disinfect floor, basin, toilet bowl & fixtures and fittings
  • Clean glass surfaces including mirrors, doors, shower screens
  • Proper disposal of all debris and trash.
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